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Terra Nova (https://www.terranovamd.com/) este unicul centru specializat din țară în pregătire pentru TOEFL. Profesorul are practică de lucru și studiere în SUA. Metoda sa este unică. Lecțiile au loc în grupuri a câte 9-11 persoane exclusiv în limba engleză. Durata cursului este de 15 săptămâni (120 ore academice). Prețul instruirii este de 300$ (inclusiv cărțile). Admiterea se face în baza rezultatelor testului de gramatică și a interviului.


Услуги и цены

Языки и дикция

  • Английский язык
    5,000 MDL / курс
    Pregătire pentru TOEFL iBT: 15 săptămâni (120 ore academice) - 300$ (inclusiv cărțile).
    Подготовка к TOEFL iBT : 15 недель (120 академических часов) - 300 долларов (включая книги).
Стоимость услуг может зависеть от сложности работы. Точные цены узнавайте у специалиста.


Chişinău, str. Miron Costin, 7

График работы

Понедельник09:00 - 22:00
Вторник09:00 - 22:00
Среда09:00 - 22:00
Четверг09:00 - 22:00
Пятница09:00 - 22:00
Суббота09:00 - 22:00
Воскресенье09:00 - 22:00




My experience here was AMAZING. I highly recommend this center not only for people who want to prepare for the TOEFL, but also for students who want just to improve their English skills. The instructor is remarkable as he knows how to make students like learning English. The classes are deeply interesting for students. They can improve both their English skills and their knowledge of science. I hope that in the future more people will come and join the extraordinary lessons because this center p

constantinplamadeala7January 04

This will be the most worthwhile investment in your education. I am not going to enumerate all the amazing experience and achievements of the instructor, because these can be found on the school's website. From my side I just want to add that Andrei is a kind of teacher that contributes enormously to one's educational growth.

everlast111August 11

With no doubt this is the best Engkish School in Moldova. Thank you for all your support that helped me to get a truly high result at TOEFL test.

thebest4youAugust 11

in urma atendarii cursurilor prestate de Terra Nova English Language Center, pot afirma cu incredere ca am acumulat numeroase cunostinte in cadrul diferitor domenii. aceasta scoala nu doar te ajuta sa te dezvolti in plan spiritual si personal, ci si social. am intalnit multe persoane noi, inclusiv originari din SUA. pregatirea pentru TOEFL este necontestabila!

Sonic BoomAugust 10

I can honestly recommend Terra Nova English Center for some cogent reasons. First, a great atmosphere during the classes, due to interesting and innovative activities. Second, a teacher with a huge international background, experience and charisma, who knows how to organize the educational process. Finally, a large number of Toefl simulations, which help the students to see and improve their current level, in order to pass the Toefl exam. All details are discussed and necessary tips are given.

Niklas21August 10

If you want to prepare for TOEFL or just improve your english, this should be your choice. Besides grammar and comunication, your teacher is skilled in numerous topics, regarding nature, environment, geography, politics etc. that means you'll never get bored while listening or participating in debates and discussions regarding certain subject, which in my humble opinion is of great meaning.

andrei-novicovAugust 10

Супер школа! Отличный сайт terranovamd.com! Программа обучения очень сильно отличается от других школ. Все уроки ведутся только на английском языке. Преподаватель закончил один из лучших университетов Америки. Я сдал экзамен на 114 баллов. Почти все ребята с которыми я учился получили больше 100 баллов.

andreiivanov2044August 12

Recommend with confidence for TOEFL test preparation! All the students got their desired points at the test and are enrolled in many universities in Europe and the USA. Solid academic background of the instructor and inspiring atmosphere at the classes make it a great center! ))

submarine2August 08

Dupa propria experienta pot spune Terra Nova ofera cursuri calitative si cu o buna predare, care rezulta in dezvoltarea cunostintelor limbii engleze, atat in dictie cat si gramatica. Pe scurt, cursul garanteaza un bun rezultat la TOEFL! Start your journey with a reliable TOEFL iBT preparation at Terra Nova Center!

mihai-matcovschiAugust 07

Recomand cu încredere!!!

polo9August 07

I recommend this school to everyone. It is an amazing experience that will motivate everyone to achieve their desired aims. The tutor is professionally trained and the lectures are very interesting. In addition, i have learned a lot at this school and i never regret to take a TOEFL preparation programm at Terra Nova English Language Center.

GhenaBirnAugust 10